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Project Sponsor

EU H2020

Project Partners

Idemia (IDM), Rijksdienst voor Identiteitsgegevens (NOI), Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), Universita di Bologna (UBO), NTNU (NBL), Hochschule Darmstadt (HDA), Universiteit Twente (UTW) and many others


Christoph Busch
Email: christoph.busch@ntnu.no

Kiran Raja
Juan Tapia
Raghu Raghavendra
Christian Rathgeb
Torsten Schlett
Haoyu Zhang



The verification of travel documents' authenticity is key to border checks and forensic investigations. However, the growing complexity of document security and border control pressures often make it impossible to confirm whether documents are genuine or counterfeited. Especially image manipulations such as morphing are posing a growing threat for security policies and EU citizens. The EU-funded iMARS project aims to provide image morphing and manipulation attack detection solutions for the evaluation of ID document authenticity, ID document verification and fraud detection. Mobile tools that can check document integrity during the verification process will support border guards, and new technologies will be validated. iMARS will provide training, guidelines and best practices to border guards, document investigators and passport application officers; open-access benchmarks, including supportive datasets will also be provided.

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